lördag 8 oktober 2011


CHR the Game

Got busier than I'd thought, but here it is. Lacking in cutscenes, levels a bit bare, but nevertheless, a fair bit more than before.

tisdag 6 september 2011

"CHR the Game" is alive

Or perhaps "raised from the dead" would be a better term for it, since the project's been dead for over a year. Nevertheless, due to popular demand (ie, at least more than two people) the game is back on track and another update is due to be released sometime soonish. Next update should feature, among other things:

enough rage to transform into a Super Sayin

a truck, which has no suspension what so ever

a German Shepard (and don't think I didn't concider the Mass Effect reference)

And depending on how close to done I want to be before releasing anything, you may live to see yet another CHR game. You could call it a dating sim, except instead of dating you're trying to purify your soul:

Look forward to it, ugly!